Specialist Business Insurance

At Kapara, we understand that every business – and its risks – are completely different. Businesses of the same or similar industry or activity will not necessarily have similar requirements. For whatever reason, there will be completely different needs.

At Kapara we provide advice and guidance through our specialist product knowledge.

Kapara has had the fortune of providing broking services over a broad spectrum of different business activities and we are well placed to find the right risk transfer solutions for all types of businesses, whatever their size.

We are able to advise on risk solutions to protect your business and find ways to minimise your exposures. There are many reasons to draw on us, particularly our experience in many niche market products and applications.

We are here to provide knowledge and service to protect your business.

Our Specialist Business Insurance solutions include:

Assets – All Risk

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Insurance of commercial transport aircraft, private aircraft, fixed wing and helicopters, gliders, aerobatic aircraft, gliders, hot air balloons, hang gliders and microlights, insurance of pilots, liability to passengers and third parties, aerodrome and airshow liability, liability of repair and maintenance organisations, aircraft dealers and training schools.


Insurance of building, civil and mechanical engineering projects as well as electricians, plumbers, shop fitters and other contractors involved in the works . Construction insurance provides protection for materials used, damage to the works, adjoining property, liability for damage to other peoples property and injury to people on the construction site and loss of revenue to the principal if the work is`nt completed on time.

Directors & Officers

Directors and officers may be held personally liable for negligence, actual or alleged, to any parties suffering damage, including shareholders. The law provides protection to shareholders by limited liability companies but no protection is provided to decision makers employed by the company. Actions in the past have been few because they were costly and difficult to pursue, the new Companies Act however has changed this completely, the Act is specific on the circumstances that directors and officers can be held liable, including criminally liable.

Unlike amendments to the Companies Act, the Consumer Protection Act has been given a lot of press. As with the Companies Act, in the past, actions against anyone in the supply chain and service providers were costly and difficult to pursue. The new Act makes companies strictly liable for what they sell or the services they provide, defences are few and the consumer can hold anyone in the supply chain liable, jointly or severally.

Your broker needs to understand how liabilities can attach to you and your business and arrange the right insurances.

Employment Practice Liability

The policy provides compensation for legal costs and settlements involving actions by employees.

Erection – All Risk

Covering erection and installation of machinery, plant and other steel structures.

Event Insurance

A short term cover for any event such as trade shows and sporting events against cancellation, abandonment and liabilities.

Guarantees & Bonds

Principals usually require security against work done by the contractor and contractors might want security that they are going to paid. Guarantors and issuers of bonds accept liability for failure to fulfil contractual obligations.

Hotels, Game Lodges, Guest Houses, Self Catering, Clubs & Bed And Breakfasts

Policies are tailored to the specific needs of each establishment.

Liability for loss of or damage to guests property is strict liability, establishments can attract liability from arranging or providing any form of entertainment from paragliding, hot air balloon and aircraft flights, scuba diving, game drives, escape of game, spread of fire and so on.

Insurance of Debtors Book

One of a companies greatest assets is it`s debtors book. Insurance can be arranged to protect it against default.

Jewellers Block Insurance

Policies are designed to cater for the risks unique to this industry and to each company. It is essential that the broker and the underwriter have a thorough knowledge of the industry, your business and the policy cover.

Kidnap & Ransom

Companies operating locally and abroad could be vulnerable to kidnapping of key personnel and their families. Kidnaps in South Africa are estimated to be two and half thousand a year and a substantial number are not reported. Larger companies operating internationally are particularly vulnerable in kidnap hotspots in Africa, Asia and south America.

These policies pay the costs of professionals skilled and experienced in getting your personnel back safely.


Insurance for loss or damage to any form of cargo locally or internationally, and the insurance of boats, ships and terminals.

Mobile Plant

Construction vehicles and other mobile plant can be insured in terms of all risks covers and other insurances added for hire costs of replacement plant following damage to your plant and for your contractual liability for the costs of damage to the hired in plant.

Product Recall & Brand Protection

Many companies have been compelled to withdraw stock from circulation for replacement or repair because the goods are defective, or due to product extortion, negative publicity, breach of local or international legislation in manufacture, packaging, distribution, or retail.

The costs withdrawing stock, repairing or replacing it, transport, destruction, re-stocking, additional labour costs, professional consultants, loss of turnover to you and customers and other costs can be astronomical and have put some sizeable enterprises into liquidation.

The introduction of the Consumer Protection Act is expected to result in an increased number of companies being compelled to withdraw their stock from the supply chain, as it did in other countries when similar legislation was introduced.

The costs of advertising to restore the brand to it`s former reputation can be far greater than the costs of the recall.

Specie Cover

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Travel Insurance

The cost of medical expenses overseas can be astronomical if you or your family are involved in a serious accident or become seriously ill. The policy also covers cancellation or curtailment of the trip and loss of luggage and other bells and whistles such as personal liability and personal accident cover.