Domestic Insurance

At Kapara, we understand that just as each individual is unique so are the personal insurance needs of each individual, which is why our Domestic Personal Insurance solutions are as ideal a fit for an avid quad biker, recreational cyclist or 4×4 enthusiast as they are for an entrepreneur working from home.

Whether you’re looking to insure your home and its contents, your business and its computer equipment or simply looking to protect yourself in the form of credit shortfall or personal accident insurance, our various Domestic Personal Insurance products can be tailored to suit your specific circumstances.

Looking for an innovative all risks solution that caters for worldwide cover outside the home? You’ve come to the right place.

Our Domestic Insurance solutions include:

All Risks Cover – Worldwide Cover Outside The Home

Household Contents insurance covers the contents only whilst inside the home. To cover any items that you take with you wherever you might go such as cameras, jewellery, cel phones, sporting equipment, pedal cycles and other personal effects of whatever value, All Risks cover needs to be effected.

Car Hire

Most insurers give car hire following theft or hi jack and some include car hire following accident. Courtesy cars are not always available from panelbeaters and being without a car can be a nightmare while waiting for your car to be repaired. If you don`t have access to alternative transport this cover can be a necessity.

Computer Equipment

An all risk cover specially designed for computers, laptops, notebooks, I Pads and similar equipment.

Family Cars, Mobile Homes, High Value Cars and Classic Cars and Motor Cycles
You can cover your car comprehensively, for third party fire and theft or for third party only.
High value cars and classic or vintage vehicles are usually insured through underwriters who specialise in insuring these vehicles at very competitive premiums and wide policy covers.

Credit Shortfall

In the event of a write off or theft insurers usually pay retail value but if your vehicle, pleasure carft or motorcycle is financed there can still be a difference between what is owed to the finance company and what the insurers pay. Credit shortfall insurance covers this difference.

Cycle Insurance

Specialist covers are available that will cover your cycle for racing, including overseas by arrangement, which most insurers don`t cover, and provide comprehensive cover for accessories.

Home Insurance

For your home, holiday home, rented home and all other structures on the property such as swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, tennis court, walls, gates and fences and driveway.

Home Office

If you run your business permanently from home some insurers will cover your office equipment and others won`t, let us know so we can arrange suitable cover.

Household Contents

Covers all your moveable possessions including furniture, electronic goods, rugs, clothing, CD`s, books, kitchen utensils, jewellery, cameras, sporting equipment, garden furniture, braai equipment, contents of outside bars and any other items.

Valuable artworks and other collectibles can be insured under specialist covers.


Comprehensive cover, third party fire and theft or third party only for your road bike or scrambler is available and insurers should give discounts for bikes with low usage.

Personal Liability

If you or your family are at fault for causing injury to other people or damage to their property you might be liable for damages or just for legal defence costs in defending actions against you. In our current litigious environment substantial cover is advisable.

Pleasure Crafts

Comprehensive cover for your yacht, powerboat, dingy or jet ski. Injury to other people is common with jet ski`s and water skiers. We will make sure you have as much liability cover as insurers will provide.

Potholes & damage to tyres

The chances of going into a pothole are high, policies cover damage to the car from going into potholes but the cost often falls within the excess. Some tyre dealerships offer cover for damage specifically for damage to tyres.

Quad bikes

Quad bikes can be insured for comprehensive cover or for third party fire and theft. Injury to other people and damage to other peoples property is commonly caused by quad bikes and having substantial liability is essential. Cover should be placed at insurers that give the right cover.

Road Accident Fund & Personal Accident Insurance

Payments by the Road Accident Fund are now severely restricted and payment could be delayed for substantial periods.

Personal Accident insurance covers you and your family or other people in your car for accidental, death, permanent injury, temporary disablement and medical expenses.

Roadside & Other Emergency Assistance

Access to the Automobile Association tow in service, roadside assistance, emergency medical services, after hours plumbers and electricians are a phone call away.

Travel Insurance

The cost of medical expenses overseas can be astronomical if you or your family are involved in a serious accident or become seriously ill. The policy also covers cancellation or curtailment of the trip and loss of luggage and other bells and whistles such as personal liability and personal accident cover.

Your 4×4

Insurers usually cover your vehicle only in South Africa, adjoining countries and Malawi. If you are a serious off roader driving into the far reaches of Africa you will need a cover designed for mishaps in these out of the way places. These insurers will cover you for most countries in Africa and will arrange to get you and your family and your 4×4 back to South Africa with as little fuss as possible.