Commercial & Corporate Insurance

At Kapara, we understand that every company is different. Each business has its own culture – a unique way of doing things that sets it apart from its competitors. It’s with this in mind that we approach Commercial and Corporate Insurance. We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ and we never make assumptions. We respect that the assets a company uses – physical and mental – are many and varied, and can be insured in a number of ways.

By focusing on what you do and how we can assist you in doing it better, our brokers and insurers expertly get to work, dissecting your industry and the variety of resources you employ to get products and services to customers so that we can identify the risks your business faces and insure them, thoroughly and innovatively.

Whether your business is built on a fleet of vehicles, boasts a broad range of valuable assets or needs to guard against an unforeseen loss of turnover, Kapara has the industry insight and product expertise to protect your company and you.

Our Commercial & Corporate Insurance solutions include:

Body Corporates

Specific policies need to cater to the provisions of the Sectional Titles Act and other bells and whistles are added to protect the liability of the trustees, theft of Body Corporate funds and the liability of the unit owners to third parties.

Insurance Of Assets

The intricacies of the many forms of insurance can be complex and detailed and beyond the scope of a website to describe in anything but the broadest terms. Generally, the name of the game is to transfer your risk to a reputable insurer in the most economical way or to retain the risk yourself if more cost effective to do so.

Policies covering assets vary from all risks covers covering damage from accidental causes to damage following specified causes only.

These policies are designed to cover any form of assets from aircraft, office furniture, machinery, stock of all descriptions, computer and other data processing equipment, mobile plant and all other vehicles, people, machinery, breakdown of machinery and any other asset being loaded, dismantled, erected or transported, locally or overseas.

Legal Liability

Companies can be held liable in terms of common law, statutes or contract for loss or damage caused to customers, the general public, suppliers and any other party for incidents caused by the negligence of employees or owners of the company in the course of running the business. Liability can arise from incidents arising from the general operation of the company, the products it sells, the work that it does, the services it provides, the advice that it gives and from the people it employs.

Even if you ar`nt liable, the costs of defending legal actions can be enormous. Insurers provide policies to protect you from most of these liabilities whatever industry or profession you are in and wherever you do business.

The business environment in South Africa is subject to a deluge of regulation for the protection of consumers, employees and other stakeholders, and, from an insurance perspective, the recent introduction of the Consumer Protection Act and amendments to the Companies Act open up substantial new vulnerabilities to liabilities.

Advances in technology also open a host of exposures that didn’t exist in the past and most companies employ new technologies, particulary data based technology.

Loss Of Turnover

If your business is physically damaged and you ar`nt in a position to carry on the business without a hiccup elsewhere, it`s not enough for the assets only to be replaced. If damage results in loss of turnover and increased costs it`s critical to insure the costs of running the business and the profit that it would have made until the business gets back to the turnover that it would have been doing if the damage did`nt happen is essential to the survival of the company.

Loss of turnover can also arise from damage to suppliers or customers premises, interruption to the electricity and water supply, damage to neighbouring premises causing prevention of access to your business and delays in construction. Substantial costs can also arise from loss of computerised records and corruption of data or programmes, accidental or intentional.


Private cars, LDV`s, trucks, busses, long and short haulage vehicles, armed response vehicles, rental cars, 4×4`s going into Africa , delivery cycles, motor cycles, quad bikes, of whatever value can all be insured for comprehensive cover, third party fire and theft or third party only.

Car hire following accident is available on some categories of vehicles and cover for finance charges is also insurable.